Shandong Gongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. Mid-2019 Summary and Commendati
        On July 20, Gongda Information's mid-2019 summary and commendation meeting was held in Anqiu. The company's leadership team members and all employees participated in the meeting. The meeting summarized the achievements and problems in the past six months, and planned the future development direction.
        Sum up the past and set goals
        Time goes by, half a year of work becomes history, the first half of 2019 has passed, and the second half of the year is coming. Company leaders Yang Jinjun, General Manager Ge Xiangjun, Director Yang Rui, Director Li Pandeng, and Manager Yang Yongbo pressed the kick-off ball to officially kick off the conference. Subsequently, in order to better carry out the work in the second half of 2019, various departments conducted a summary report on the work in the first half of the year and proposed a work plan for the work in the second half of the year.

Encourage advanced and commend outstanding
        At the conference, the employees who achieved excellent results in the first half of 2019 were commended and awarded. Among the winners are creative teams and outstanding employees.

 Cohesion and unity for a win-win future
        General Manager Ge Xiangjun made a summary speech on the company's work in the first half of the year, analyzed the company's advantages and disadvantages from various aspects of management, technology, and market, and proposed plans and arrangements for future work.

  Afterwards, Chairman Yang Jinjun gave a final summary speech, fully affirmed the work results in the first half of 2019, and put forward new requirements and hopes for the company's future development, encouraging all employees to make persistent efforts and achieve more brilliant results.
      At the end of the meeting, all employees toasted together to celebrate the dinner. General Manager Ge Xiangjun sang the voice of everyone in the song "Youth is aspiring, no sorrow." Strive for excellence first, consolidate our strengths and win a bright future together!