Visual Teaching and Research Management Cloud Platform
Platform Introduction
Platform Topology
Platform Advantage
Successful Case
Platform Introduction
  The visual teaching and research management cloud platform is based on the Internet cloud platform. Through remote interactive classrooms, it improves the quality of education and teaching, standardizes the behavior of school teaching and research offices, strengthens information exchange, organizes teachers to study education and research theories, and introduces relevant education and teaching information and education in a timely manner. Scientific research knowledge, organize various educational reform seminars and educational teaching experience exchange, seminar activities, and guide the school's teaching and research organization, management, assessment and other aspects of work.
Platform Topology
Platform Advantage
Remote interactive classroom
        Remote interactive classrooms use visual teaching and research to manage cloud platform software, integrated teaching machines, cameras, sound pickup systems, and classroom audio to realize real-time classroom interaction in different regions through the network. It can effectively support distance classroom teaching and teacher collaborative teaching and research to meet the balanced needs of educational resources in different regions.
Record on demand
        On-demand recording of quality courses: The integrated recording function provided by the system allows users to start and stop recording classroom content at any time during the course and upload it to the platform. You can view the recorded classroom videos at any time after class to deepen your learning; you can also upload learning resources or courseware materials and other document resources.
Teaching and Research Management
        Online Teaching and Research: Another form of presentation in interactive classrooms. Teachers publish teaching and research courses. Teachers from the Education and Research Department of the Education Bureau and various schools can participate in online teaching and research activities in the school's office or at home to achieve online scoring and evaluation. It is conducive to the overall improvement of the education and teaching level of local primary and secondary school teachers.
        This function is issued by the Education Bureau, and teachers apply to participate. Teachers conduct real-time explanation and selection of topics through remote interactive classrooms, and judges monitor and judge online.
       Through the promotion of learning through competition and the promotion of excellence through competition, we train key teachers to achieve mutual learning, make progress together, and comprehensively improve the level of classroom teaching.

Meeting management
        Network video conference: Participants communicate through this system, and transmit video, audio, images and files in real time. The system has high-definition audio and video, intelligent data transmission, good operability, and carrier-class stability. It can be used to hold multi-party work conferences anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone, improve office efficiency, and reduce office costs.
Audit management:
       Divided into: open class review, recording on-demand review, selection application review; different roles to review different functions.

Statistical report
        Visual display through charts, column charts, lists, etc., you can use advanced search functions to view and analyze relevant activity records in hierarchical, topic, time, and storage modes to achieve accurate management of teacher teaching and research activities and make decisions for leaders , Guide work, and promote implementation to provide important data support.

Precision data analysis
        Sophisticated data analysis: It mainly analyzes the relevant data for the presenter and the audience to understand the situation of the course.
        The track record of the lecturer's lecture: such as the number of viewers, the number of courses, the type of courses, and the length of lectures.

System Management
        Divided into department management, user management, role management, menu management. This function is aimed at the basic management of the platform.

SMS notification
        The platform has a short message notification function, such as the success of interactive classroom bookings and other situations will be notified to relevant personnel in the form of short messages.

School Homepage
        Each school can have its own separate homepage, and the background image of the school can be changed on the page, and the homepage can display the teachers / courses of the school.

Teacher Blog
        Teachers can have their own blogs to record their teaching experience. You can view your schedule in the form of a calendar, and you can also set up SMS reminders for important matters.

Teacher interaction
        Provide interactive functions similar to those of the same school teachers on other platforms, including but not limited to the mutual comment of course / blog content, thematic content of the school, etc.