Platform Introduction
Major Function
Hardware Parameters
Platform Introduction
  The law enforcement command system is a special device developed for application scenarios such as mobile law enforcement forensics and administrative supervision. This product uses a high-speed processor and Android operating system, equipped with high-definition video, audio, 4G and WiFi wireless communication modules, and fingerprint collection Verification module and ID card scanning verification module, GPS / Beidou, storage, alarm, etc., can be configured with starlight-grade shoulder microphone. The device can carry out real-time audio and video information transmission, voice intercom, verification and recording through 4G, WiFi wireless network, combined with the background command center, which reduces the carrying capacity of the equipment when the police are on duty and greatly improves the convenience of police work Sex.  
Major Function

Real-time video surveillance
         Combining with the map area to show the location of the device, real-time video can be turned on, real-time video image playback can be performed on the specified video resource name, and video recording can be saved locally. Support multiple users to order the same image resource. Device track playback
         The track data of a certain device or multiple devices can be set to be played back, and the path of a certain device / multiple devices can be clearly seen in combination with the map.
Video playback
         The system will automatically record real-time video, which effectively avoids the omission of important information of real-time video. At the same time, it supports playback speed adjustment, which is more convenient for viewing.
Data management
         You can view, edit, upload, play, download, and delete data / files.
User rights
         For different users, you can choose to add, delete, and edit user rights roles.
System log
         Query the user's system operation logs.
Department management:
         Manage the user's department.
Download query:
         Query and view files downloaded by police officers.