Platform Introduction
Platform Topology
Design Principles
System Characteristics
Practical Case
Platform Introduction
       Smart party building visual grassroots management service system can realize the interconnection between the five levels of city, district, county, township / street, community, village, and is committed to solving the infrequent organization of activities in grassroots party building work, the difficulty of party member education and management, and the service of grassroots cadres Issues such as the lack of masses and the difficulty of village cadres in shifting supervision. 
       The system mainly includes six core functions (video conference, online supervision, theme activities, training and learning, party and group services, statistical analysis), focusing on the characteristics of "service-oriented" and "visualization", covering cities, districts, counties, towns and streets At the five levels of community, community, and village, it provides visual, systematic, data, and precision services for party organizations, party members, and the general public at all levels, and advances the scientific and information level of party building.
Platform Topology

  This system is designed as a typical Web server architecture on the network architecture, and all connections to the server through the Internet must pass through the firewall. The server and the database need to be connected through a switch, and the external network has no direct logical channel to access the database server.
Design Principles
1. Unified design principles
Overall planning and unified design of system structure. In particular, the application system construction structure, data model structure, data storage structure, and system expansion planning need to be considered from a global perspective and a long-term perspective. The database and the interface need to consider the unity of each other, to ensure the consistency of the system's interface and data storage, and to ensure the high-performance application of the system.
2. The principle of advancement
The system has domestic advanced level, and conforms to the international development trend of technology, software products and equipment. In the design process, it fully complies with international norms and standards, drawing on the current mature domestic and foreign mainstream network and integrated information system architecture,
3. High reliability / high security principle
System design and data architecture design fully take into account the safety and reliability of the system. For high-performance requirements of the platform environment, the system must be guaranteed-safe and reliable, in order to obtain lasting and stable development.
4. Standardization principle
Establish an educational system that abides by unified standards, support business development, horizontal information expansion and macro management requirements, making this system an authoritative system for visualizing party building platforms. The system standardizes operations, that is, the system has a check-in and check-out mechanism, which can ensure the consistency of data maintenance and the operability of version control.
5. Principle of applicability
Protect existing resources, special use of resource equipment, equipped with special use servers to ensure the independent and efficient operation of the system.
6. Scalability principle
The system design is simple and clear, reduce the coupling degree of each functional module, and fully consider the compatibility, the system supports the storage of data in multiple formats. For the storage of massive data, the design of the system has an efficient and separate deployment structure, which not only ensures that the interface can be easily established, but also improves the scalability of the database.
System Characteristic

Committed to solving three major problems

Create a video conferencing platform to achieve "visualization" of work deployment communication.
Using the platform, it is possible to hold video conferences in which all counties, towns, communities, and villages of the city participate, so that important spirits and decisions of superiors can be deployed directly to the grassroots; according to the needs of the work, part of the work meetings attended by some sites can be held locally. "Face-to-face" discussion and exchange or arrange work through documents such as word and ppt to avoid wasting time on the road and improve work efficiency; control centers at all levels can broadcast important party member education videos, organize subordinate party members to watch online learning, and also can education The film upload platform is watched on demand by the grassroots site.
Build a network supervision platform to realize the "online" supervision and guidance.
Focus on solving the problems of difficult supervision of party building work at the grass-roots level and difficult to save activity data, implement online supervision and guidance, and install high-volume cameras in the party and group service centers (stations) and the "three tasks" public column of all administrative villages and communities in the city ; Establish video surveillance platforms in cities, counties, towns, and communities level by level, and establish management authority at every level according to the affiliation of the party organization To ensure that all systems are implemented.
Create a statistical analysis platform to achieve "data-based" process management.
Focus on timely, comprehensive, and accurate grasp of the overall situation of grassroots party building work, apply big data analysis technology, and implement “three meetings and one lesson” for party organizations in villages (communities), branch life days, sunshine deliberations days, village (community) cadres The video and image materials of the work of all committees of the "big party committee" in the community are regularly collected, counted, and analyzed in accordance with the relevant regulations, and visualized through graphs. For different levels of counties, urban areas, bars (streets), rural communities, villages, and urban communities, horizontal comparisons between the same levels can be made in the form of histograms, etc., which intuitively reflects the completion of relevant work by units at the same level. At the same time, the advanced search function can be used to view and analyze relevant activity records in hierarchical, topic, time, and storage modes, to achieve precise management of daily activities of grassroots party organizations, and provide important guidance for decision-making, guidance, and implementation. reference.