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Weifang explores the construction of a new model of "visual wisdom party
      Xinhua News Agency Jinan News Since last year, Weifang City has actively explored and promoted the "Internet + party building" work, and has developed and promoted the city's smart party building-visual grassroots management service that integrates video conferencing, online inspection, party group services, data analysis and other functions. System, work deployment has "new positions", supervision and guidance to achieve "sunshine", party and group services are more "convenient" to build a new mechanism of online and offline organic integration of grassroots party construction management services, and initially achieved the refinement of party member management, Serve the masses at zero distance.
Video conference platform has become a "new position" for work deployment
       "Rural party members earn money everywhere, they are geographically dispersed, and they cannot be controlled" ... The smooth circulation in some places has broken the current problem of grassroots party building. Grassroots party members are difficult to organize training for mass conferences, and some important decision-making of the higher party committees and governments are not timely communicated at the grassroots level.
       Mu Jie, member of the Standing Committee and Minister of Organization of Fangzi District of Weifang City, said that after conducting grassroots surveys, he saw the urgency of using modern information technology to improve traditional service methods and improve the efficiency of grassroots party building. Combined with the actual situation of party building, Fangzi District used the technology of Shandong Gongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly develop a smart party building-visual grassroots management service system that integrates four major modules of video conference, online inspection, party group service and statistical analysis. , And gradually promote to the whole city of Weifang.
       The video conferencing platform has created a "new position" for work deployment. Yang Jinjun, chairman of Shandong Gongda Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company has built a video conferencing platform covering five levels: city, county, town, community, and village. Construction of the main control center at the municipal level, construction of the secondary control center in the county, city and municipal development zone, construction of the basic control center in the town (street) and rural community, construction of video terminal sites in the rural and urban community, via a dedicated network or VPN The virtual private network connects the control centers at all levels with the grass-roots sites, which not only ensures the speed of data transmission, but also effectively guarantees the security of the system.
       According to reports, Weifang can use this platform to hold video conferences in which all counties, towns, communities and villages in the city participate, allowing superior spirit and decision-making to reach the grass-roots level; according to the work needs to convene work meetings attended by some sites, Party members Cadres can conduct "face-to-face" discussion and exchange locally or arrange work through word, PPT and other documents to avoid wasting time on the road and improve work efficiency; control centers at all levels can broadcast important party member educational films and organize subordinate party members to watch and learn online You can also upload educational videos to the platform and watch them on demand from the grassroots site.
       The secretary of Huanglujing Village Branch, Miaozi Town, Qingzhou City, said in full text that the work of "party affairs, village affairs, and finance" is related to the vital interests of the villagers and affects the credibility of the two village committees. With the "new position" of the smart party building-visual grassroots management service system, you can directly go to the party and group service center in the city and town, and then connect the party members and the masses to conduct "face-to-face" audits through video. It is more efficient, convenient and fast. With the effect of "more information runs, less masses run errands", the prestige of the cadres of the two committees among the villagers has also increased.
Network supervision platform realizes supervision and guidance "sunshine"
       In order to solve the problems of difficult supervision of party building work at the grass-roots level and difficulty in saving event materials, Weifang explored and implemented online supervision and guidance, and installed high-definition uniformly in the party and party service centers (stations) and "Three Affairs" public columns of all administrative villages and communities in the city. Cameras; set up video surveillance platforms at the city, county, town, and community levels; according to the affiliation of the party organization, set up management rights at all levels, and the higher party organizations can check the spotlight of the work of the grassroots party organizations at any time through the platform, remind, supervise, and ensure All systems are put into practice.
       Sun Lei, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Kuiju Street, Changyi City, said that the learning content of each branch can be seen in real time on the street, and the number of participants, party members' emotions, study notes, and learning attitudes of each branch can also be seen through real-time images. , It eliminates the pains of the previous roads of separate participation, convenient and fast.
       It is understood that the network supervision platform created by the Smart Party Construction-Visual Basic Management Service System can realize the functions of real-time supervision, post-mortem supervision and early warning reminders, and realize the supervision of "online" and "sunshine" operation.
       For example, in real-time supervision, superior administrators can view the work site at the grass-roots level through the control center screen or office computer at any time, and conduct online supervision on the duty, service and "three tasks" disclosure of village (community) cadres; after the event In terms of supervision, when the village (community) organizes "three meetings and one lesson", "sunshine deliberations", democratically appraising party members and other activities, the system automatically takes photos or records the entire process and stores them on the system platform, which is convenient for post-event supervision and understanding of the situation; Regarding villages (communities) that did not complete the work as required, the system promptly sent cell phone text messages and system information to the party organization secretary or administrator to supervise implementation.
       Liu Xiao, director of the Remote Education Center of the Organization Department of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee, said that the construction of the Weifang Smart Party Building-Visual Grassroots Management Service System has innovated the working model. Using this system to build an integrated work platform for Weifang's organization, cadres, and talents, the business process has been optimized, and the organization's work has been pushed towards information, intelligence, precision, and efficiency, reducing operating costs and improving service efficiency.
       "Since the visual primary management service system in the town has been running, the party organization activities have been normal, and there is a basis for deducting points for not participating in the organization activities for no reason. I will rush back to participate in the party member activities even when I am busy. At present, party members who often miss work have also come. The number of party members participating in the village organization is also full. "Said Liu Honghe, a mobile party member in Weicheng District who is doing business.
       Wang Baofeng, a cadre of the Organization Department of the Changyi Municipal Party Committee, said that this system realizes heart-to-heart communication, real-to-real communication, solves the problem at a "zero" distance, and solves the problem at the source. The mutual trust between the cadres and the group has significantly reduced the number of petitions. Alleviated the contradiction between the party and the masses, and realized the harmony between the party and the masses.
       "This system has improved the transparency and awareness of party-group services and the openness of village-level three services. We know that the village party conducts party member learning, branch life, and sunshine discussion day activities, which shortens the distance between party members and residents. There are many people who work diligently and diligently, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. "Said Ge Fuchang, secretary of the party branch of the Gejia Committee of Fangzi District.
Visual system makes party and group services more "convenient"
       "Secretary Zhang, I am 16 years old this year. What is the process of handling ID cards?" Through the "intelligent interaction" function of the party building Mingge big data platform, Zhang Yanying, secretary of the party branch of Zhangjia Xinzhuang Village, Kuiju Street, Changyi City, was busy giving The villagers who consulted "empty" communicated online.
       Another identity of Zhang Yanying is the grid length of the first grid in Zhangjia Xinzhuang Village. It is understood that centering on improving village-level organization and management capabilities, Kuiju Street in Changyi City has further developed a visual grassroots management service system, and has created a party building Mingge project in villages under its jurisdiction, dividing the village into several grids, each grid Set the grid length.
       The mission of Sun Lei, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Kuiju Street, the timely, interactive, and intelligent dialogue between the cadres and the masses, and the arrangement of the tasks of the party organizations, not only bring convenience to the villagers, but also improve the efficiency of grassroots cadres and benefit the party Policies and major decisions and resolutions of superiors are communicated to every household in every village in time.
       During the investigation, some grassroots cadres said that the original masses were not convenient enough. For example, village cadres help the masses to run minimum living allowances. Due to the large number of forms and detailed contents, it is difficult to pass the review at one time and often have to run back and forth several times. Now that there is a visual system, you can directly connect to the party and group service center in the town (street), and conduct a pre-trial "face-to-face" through video, which is more efficient, convenient and fast, and truly allows "more information to run, less people to run errands."
       Yang Jinjun said, focusing on achieving zero distance for serving party members and masses, setting up party and group service modules, party and group service departments at all levels set up video service points according to their actual conditions, using visual systems to achieve remote "face-to-face" consultation and communication, solving some Problems that cannot be dealt with through remote voice, text, etc., so that the grassroots party members and the masses can not get out of the village can enjoy convenient services.
       In addition, the system also focuses on mastering the overall situation of grass-roots party building work in a timely, comprehensive, and accurate manner, applying big data analysis technology, and applying “three meetings and one lesson” to party organizations in various villages (communities), branch life days, sunshine discussion days, and village ( (Community) The video image materials of the cadres working class and the discussion of all committees of the "large party committee" in the community are collected, counted and analyzed regularly according to the relevant regulations, and visualized and displayed through graphs. For different levels of counties, cities, towns (streets), rural communities, villages and urban communities, horizontal comparisons between the same levels can be made in the form of histograms, etc., which intuitively reflects the completion of relevant work of units at the same level.
       "Since the operation of the Weifang visual grassroots management service system, the branch office has been on duty, and the masses can find party members when they have something. The phenomenon of villagers' difficulty in doing things, the complexity of doing things, and the slowness of doing things has been better resolved, and the" office One thing, one trip back and forth's convenient service goal. "Said Zhang Mingdong, a villager in Fujiazhuang Village, Xinzhai Town, Linqu County.
       Du Huande, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee, said that the smart party building-visual grassroots management service system has realized the precise management of the daily activities of grassroots party organizations, which has provided important information for the scientific decision-making, guidance work and implementation of the higher-level party committees and governments. reference. At present, the system has achieved full five-level network coverage in Weifang, achieving the effect of "more information running, less mass errands", and initially formed the "Weifang model" of smart party building.
                         (Sun Weixuan, Xinhua News Agency analyst Zhang Zhilong)