Gongda Yunshisheng Intelligent Conference System is stable, smooth and efficient
  Gongda Yunshisheng Intelligent Conference System is a remote audio-visual interactive system integrating computer, smart TV, electronic whiteboard and other functions. Through the Internet, it is possible to meet people's need to cross spatial boundaries and realize "distance interviews" in different places. Supports simultaneous participation of Android and IOS users, with multi-person voice, multi-person video, screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboard sharing and other functions.

  On February 20, I received Fangzi Education and Sports Bureau's demand for epidemic prevention and control in various school districts. The company's business, technology and other key personnel rushed to the front line for the first time. According to the characteristics of this project, remote interactive office and other methods were adopted to determine the best It is a good plan and urgently coordinate related manpower and material resources to overcome various difficulties to ensure that all types of equipment are accurately in place and personnel enter the construction site on time. With the concerted efforts of employees of all departments of the company and the hard work of the epidemic, it took only 3 days to complete the installation and commissioning of the video conference system in 1 main venue and 8 branch venues, creating another common information version "fire "Shenshan" miracle.

  On February 27, the Fangzi Education and Sports Bureau, together with the Fangzi Disease Control Center, held an epidemic prevention and control meeting with the school districts within its jurisdiction, and made arrangements for the epidemic prevention and control work. During the meeting, the video images were clear, the network connection was stable, and the voice conversation was smooth. The meeting was a complete success. The leaders of the parties gave high recognition to the system and services provided by our company.