The Internet of Things temperature management program is launched in Weifang

  Shandong Gongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Weifang Unicom to take the lead in developing the Internet of Things student body temperature management program in Weifang.
The school starts soon this weekend. Many schools have already started to get busy for the students. How can we get the temperature of students and teachers accurately and timely in these busy preparations? How can we conveniently collect and manage the data obtained effectively? How can I know the names and information of students or teachers with abnormal body temperature in the first time? These problems have become the top priority in the management of epidemic situation in more schools.
  In order to solve these difficulties encountered by the school, Shandong Gongda Information Technology Co., Ltd., supported by informatization construction, developed the epidemic management module on the basis of the original school Weitong campus integrated information platform, and cooperated with customized face recognition temperature measurement The equipment and temperature measurement bracelet provide a powerful digital means for the management of the epidemic situation after school.

School Weitong Smart Campus Management Platform Question Statistics Module ↑
  By using this epidemic management module, the school no longer has to work hard because of temperature statistics, only one computer can be used to understand the real-time body temperature of all teachers and students with temperature measurement bracelets Human body temperature changes; if there is abnormal body temperature data during school, the system will automatically send an alarm to remind the management personnel to view and process; the school can also export all body temperature data as needed to facilitate retention and management.

Student temperature measurement bracelet ↑
  The temperature measurement bracelet can display the wearer's body temperature and current time in real time. Students and teachers can easily know their body temperature through the bracelet and send it to parents and schools automatically, eliminating the need for cumbersome unified temperature measurement and disinfection , Temperature statistics and other work.
  In order to allow more teachers and students of the school to experience the convenience and speed brought by the school's Weitong epidemic management, Gongda Information has reached a business cooperation relationship with Weifang Unicom, and prepared 100,000 temperature measurement hands for students in the first phase. To speed up the delivery of equipment. We have contacted Weifang No. 4 Middle School, Fangzi District Chongwen Middle School, Fangzi District Shangwen Middle School, Wenhua Middle School, etc. to take the lead in distributing bracelets to student users, adding fuel to the campus epidemic situation management , So that every teacher and student can enjoy the safe and convenient campus life brought by technology.


Teacher APP client displays real-time temperature data of current class students in real time ↑